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Social Media has matured into a powerful venue. No one understands this better then Pete Werner, owner of Dreams Unlimited Travel, host of the Dis Unplugged Podcast, and owner of WDWInfo.  Pete has turned thousands of his social media fans toward a charity: Give Kids the World. Give Kids The World works with organizations such as the Make-A-Wish foundation to provide children with life-threatening illnesses a magical vacation to Disney World. Pete’s goal is to raise one million dollars for the organization. “We are [demonstrating] the power of the internet in raising money for good causes,” Pete explains.


To get started, Pete created a website that serves as the hub of the fund raising activities. He made sure the site had no visible connection to his business. Next, he hit his social media network and handed out the challenge. Organizer Dave Parfitt explained, “The fundraiser is really all about leveraging the power of social media to raise money for Give Kids The World.” Using a concept called crowdsourcing, the power of 10 asks that each person find 10 people who are willing to donate $10. In addition, he has asked his network to develop creative fund raising activities. Like the incredible social marketer that Pete is, his message has been blasted out through podcasts, online forums, websites, e-newsletters, facebook, twitter, and more.


Pete has taken the social elements that brought him success with Disney and has brought them to fund raising. The Power of 10 is accessible through Facebook, twitter, blogs, forums, and ebay fundraising auctions.  Other sites have jumped aboard, including wdwnotjustforkids, disneygeek, Sorcerer Radio Network, Michael Jackson Fan Community, and others.  Aljon Go, Sorcerer Radio station manager says, “We started mentioning The Power of 10 campaign on-air as well as on-line in February and will step up our efforts by producing these spots to further promote this worthwhile cause.” Fans have responded by posting, tweeting, blogging, holding concerts and running fund raising parties.


Pete is realistic and knows it could take a long time to raise one million dollars, especially during a recovering economy. Therefore, he hasn’t set a time limit on the goal. “We’ve set no time limit on this goal – whether it takes 6 months or 2 years doesn’t matter.” The success is building. User Zendisney reported “I made a post on FaceBook about the Power of 10 campaign and within 30 minutes of the post already I have someone who is going to write a check!” After the first 3 months, Dave Parfitt reported $12,000 had been raised for the cause.


For more information about the Power of Ten, you can visit .


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