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F5 spoke at the September Rochester Vmware User Group meeting about F5’s virtual application accelerator that runs inside the vmware vfabric. F5 does more then just load balancing. They are the Gartner Golden Quadrant leader for application acceleration.

 If your web servers are overloaded vcenter can be made to launch additional web servers. Nothing new there. But then vcenter automatically adds those servers to the F5 pool. Completely hands off. When activity slows down, F5 automatically tares down that extra capacity.

 With VMWARE’s Site Revocery Manager (SRV) using global traffic manager (GTM) will do a health check on the web servers. If it fails the health check, GTM will redirect the traffic to the fail over site automatically. It will even take care of DNS for you.

F5’s LTM virtual edition can be downloaded for a 90 day trial. Lab version restricts to 10mb aggregate traffic. There is a free vcenter plugin that works with physical and virtual versions of LTM.

F5 has a hot plug chassis solution for cloud providers. It works with multiple tenancy scenarios where each client can have identical ip addresses without conflict.

Cloud bursting is ability to ramp up to the cloud when busy. Content is served from your data center and when busy, global traffic manager pulls in web instances that are identical to help with the load. It can power up and down cloud resources as needed.

 F5 supports long distance vmotion via wan optimization. The optimization is encrypted for security. The acceleration can make vmotion 3 to 4 times faster. After a long distance vmotion you have to deal with a DNS change, right? Not with GTM. GTM handles the dns change to the second site for you. F5 uses a vmotion isession tunnel to move your VM from one site to the other. San replication makes vmotion faster but is not necessary because it will do a storage vmotion. There is no distance limitation. One client has a vm follow the sun around the world every day.

Whether you are balancing multiple data centers or balancing cloud and your own data center, F5 can make the connections easier and better.

About the Author:

Kevin Gilbert is the Technology Manager with SIGMA Marketing and holds several certifications including CISSP, SSCP, Security +, and NISM.

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