Installing Microsoft Forefront Threat Mitigation Gateway (TMG) into Amazon AWS   Leave a comment

By: Kevin Gilbert

To secure a website deployment in AWS, I wanted what every security conscious administrator wants: a firewall I can monitor, intrusion protection, and a reverse proxy that does web publishing. These requirements can be a challenge in a public cloud like AWS. Forefront’s Unified Acess Gateway (UAG) can be a great solution, but is too expensive and too much overkill for what I needed.  TMG offers the required features in a simpler solution.

 The challenge with installing TMG is that the installer locks down the network interfaces on the instance during installation. This security breaks the remote desktop (rdp) connection and makes the instance unreachable.

I tried everything to get around this problem. I tried the installation inside AWS and then inside a VPC. I tried using Team Viewer instead of Microsoft’s RDP. I tried building TMG locally using VMWARE and then uploaded the virtual machine into AWS.  I probably ran the installer fifty times with no luck.

Just as I was about to give up, a colleague found the solution in a forum that talked about doing a remote installation of TMG. I gave it a try and it worked!


  1. Make two instances: once named TMG-installer and one named TMG. Set up their security groups to allow you to RDP and for them to be able to RDP each other.

2. Using the TMG-installer as an RDP man-in-the-middle. In other words, remote into TMG Installer and use TMG-Installer to remote into TMG via TMG’s private IP address.


3. Using the RDP main-in-the-middle connection, run the TMG installer

4. Here’s the magic. During the installer, TMG locks down the instance network. If the installer is being ran through RDP, the RDP private IP address will be written into the TMG firewall and allowed. If you are connected via an elastic IP, the elastic IP won’t be written into the firewall because this is a public IP address. If you do the installer locally in vmware and then upload the virtual machine to AWS, it won’t work because because your local address is used. You must install TMG in AWS using the RDP main-in-the-middle so that the TMG-Installer’s private IP address is written into the TMG’s firewalled and allowed.

5. After TMG is installed, you need to open up RDP on the TMG instance to all networks. You’ll control who actually can RDP via the instance’s security group. You do this by opening the TMG console, clicking on the Firewall Policies branch, and in the right side of the screen selecting Edit System Policy. Within the system policies you will find a terminal services policy that you can open to all networks. The last step is to click on the Firewall Policies branch and add a new a firewall policy allowing all networks to RDP. Click apply.


6. You can terminate the TMG-installer instance because it is no longer needed. You’ll be able to RDP from anywhere that the TMG Instance’s security group allows.

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